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From Meg-a-Que to Mega Cool!

From Meg-a-Que to Mega Cool!
The Keg-a-Que has its place - but sometimes you need to branch out! How about Full-sized grills? Or a different shape altogether? Here at Keg Products, we have just what you're looking for...


Our promotional product line goes far beyond the Original Keg-a-Que, while maintaining the same unique looks and build quality. Our Mega-a-Que comes in various versions, filling the need that only a bigger grill can! Beautifully styled and finished, this grill will look great in any back yard!

Mega Cool!

Of course, we don't stop there... after all, what fun is a grill if it doesn't fit your style? When it comes time to shape up your corporate image, we have the products to make it happen! And when we say "shape up", we mean it! From Football to Toolbox to Soccer Ball grills and more... we have the ability to match almost any requirement, each style fully brandable to match your unique look!

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